Creating Xenica Test VM

Please follow the below steps to install a test VM to try Xenica

Step:1 Download the Xencia_ Install template from the below link, and Import it on your Xenserver.

Xenica Test VM

Step:2 Power On the VM and login Using the below User name and password

Username: root

Password: Xenpass$1$2$3#4

Step:3 Using the below command change the IP to your desired IP and restart networking to apply changes.

vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0

systemctl restart network.service

Step:4 Go to the below WHMCS directory and locate the file configuration.php as shown below.

cd /var/www/html/whmcs/
ls -l |grep configuration.php

Step:5 Edit the file using the below command and enter your WHMCS license (Dev) as shown below,and save the file. (:wq!)

vi configuration.php

Step:6 Restart the httpd service using the below command

 service httpd restart

Step:7 Use the below URL to access your WHMCS, you should see the WHMCS login page as below


Step:8 Login Using the below credentials.

Username: test

Password: TestPass$1$2$3#4

Step:9 Click on Addons and Select –> Xenica

Step:10 Under License tab, enter your Xenica License and click –> Update

You can see the message “your license is valid and active.”

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