Setup a New Xenica Product & OS

Setting up a Xenica product is like setting any other Module Product.

Step 1:

Create a New Product in WHMCS Setup→ Products/Services→Products/Services

Step 2:

From the Products/Services Create a New Group, If you already have a group you can use that

Step 3:

Create a New Product and Select Module Settings tab, In the Module name Select Xenica as shown below.

You can Customize the other options as per your need.

Step 4:

To add Xenica Templates to your Products

  • Upload Xenica Based Templates to your XenServer

  • You need to Create a New Configurable Options or else edit the Default one like below

Step 5:

Click on the Operating System option in the Configurable Options

Enter the template name Exactly as on the Server and Save the changes.

Setup Completed

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