VM Change Disk Size

you can change VM Disk Size from your admin panel .

  • current XenServer Version doesn't allow Size shrinking for now , so you can only enlarge the size.
  • remember that this command will reboot your vm
  • if you want to change disk size, please put the new entire size disk size , and not only the additional size.

after increasing your VM disk size , a new unallocated area will be added to this vm Disk , our xenicastart script on your VM will automatically expand the default disk with this extra space after automatic reboot.

if for any reason this mechanism is not worked perfectly , you still can allocated it manually either by adding it to an existing drive or to create a new drive for it :

Windows VMs :

from vm control panel > administrative tools > computer management > Disk management you will find the unallocated part , from here you can create as new drive or you can expand the previous drive with its space :

Linux VMs :

for CentOS6 :

pvcreate VolGroup /dev/xvda4
 vgextend VolGroup /dev/xvda4
 lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/mapper/VolGroup/lv_root
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