Add new package to your WHMCS

Here we will describe how to add new package to your WHMCS so that users can order it.

the process will involve working on both WHMCS and XenCenter (Xen Windows application to manage Xen Server)

The main idea here is that we need to create a template for each OS type/configuration we want to support

WHMCS work

This part is normal product creation if you have created any products in whmcs before

  1. create a new product under setup a Products / Services
  2. Select Create a New Product.
  3. On the following screen Select other under Product type
  4. Enter the product name in the Product Name Field.
  5. Once done, select Continue.
  6. On the following screen you do not need ‘require domain checked’. Make any changes you feel necessary under the Details Tab. Once done select Module Settings tab
  7. Select Xenica under the Module Name drop down field.
  8. Fill in the Bandwidth Limit , HardDisk Size, Memory and number of VCPUs for this product
  9. set if you want to Allow SnapShots,ReInstall,Console,Graph,Change Pass etc.. in the Client Areafor this product
  10. Make sure to select configurable options that has at least a configuration with the exact name“Operating System”
  11. Note here that the names of the OS that you put in Operating System configurable option must match exactly the names of of the templates you created.
  12. Also make sure the names are all lower case
  13. Note: you can change how the option appear to the user by using the pipe “|” after the name in config option so that you show the user pretty names

The XenServer Part

Here you will need to create your linux and windows templates as descried in other tutorial Again we need to make sure the templates names match exactly the os name in Operating System configurable option in whmcs

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